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Jumpinbed Leblon 5 - 2 bedroom apartment next to Shopping Leblon

2 Rooms Max 4 persons 200 meters beach (Leblon)

Fit for 2 rooms in Apart-Hotel with 24 hour security infrastructure, maintenance, reception, messenger, swimming pool, sauna and gym and garage. Close to the supermarket, restaurants, cinema, cafes, bars, post office, gym and next to Shopping Leblon. Located in a privileged area of ​​Leblon with a rich trade such as bakeries, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, excellent bars and restaurants.

150 meters from the beach, a few steps from the main streets and avenues of Leblon, a few minutes walk from the famous Rua Dias Ferreira is a neighborhood that you soon feel at home.

The space
Fit for 2 rooms in building with 24 hour security infrastructure, maintenance, reception, messenger, swimming pool, sauna and gym and garage. Close to the supermarket, restaurants, cinema, cafes, bars, post office, gym and is next to Shopping Leblon.
Located in a privileged area of ​​Leblon. Around you will find an abundant trade such as bakeries, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, excellent bars and restaurants, shops.
- Cable TV;
- WI FI Internet;
- Two bedrooms, one suite with a double bed and the other room with 2 single beds;
- Air conditioning and fan in the living room and bedrooms;
- Kitchen equipped with stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, blender, sandwich maker and utensils in general;
- Towels and bed linen;
- 24 hour concierge, elevator and intercom;
- Swimming pool, sauna, gym
- Parking space.

Other observations
Pool time with guardian.
Mon to Fri
08AM to 04 PM
Sat until 12 hours
Outside these hours, you must request the access key at the reception.
The Leblon neighborhood
Maybe we didn't need to say that enjoying the beach is a guarantee of rest and fun at the same time, right? The beach is the gateway to the neighborhood and welcomes everyone very well. Quickly you get the good life there, savoring a classic mate with Globo biscuit.

You can stretch your sarong, do sports, cool off in the water, try the delights of the tents by the sea. Staying all day on the beach is no sacrifice, see? Leblon beach is a success and favorite of many cariocas!

Oh, and don't miss the sunset overlooking Morro Dois Irmãos. It is too beautiful and a mandatory photo of the trip. And to keep in mind all the angles of the shore, go to Mirante do Leblon - It is at the beginning of Av. Niemeyer towards Vidigal and São Conrado. You can see the entire Leblon and Ipanema beach.

Anyone who passes through post 11, on the Leblon seafront, is faced with the blue and white ombrelones of Azur. There are two kiosks, one for drinks and another for food, commanded by chef Pedro de Artagão, who has Irajá Gastrô among his houses. There you can taste delicacies such as cod rice, moquecas and seafood-based snacks, in the best carioca style. A delight!

Right in the heart of the neighborhood, between the avenues Bartolomeu Miter and Ataulfo ​​de Paiva, is Rua Dias Ferreira, one of the darlings of Leblon. Just put your foot on the street and anyone who likes good food already knows they have arrived at the right place. There are countless bars and restaurants, which appeal to different types of taste: from haute cuisine to delicious pub food.

If you are walking around the neighborhood, be sure to have a traditional Bibi Sucos juice or go to BB Lanches - mega traditional and loved by Cariocas. It is in the heart of Leblon and is always open at dawn!

Bracarense (Braca pros intimaimos) is one of the best Portuguese-Brazilian bars in Rio.

Open since 1956, Jobi is a meeting point for people after the beach or at dawn. The sidewalk tables are the right place for bohemians on duty.

The Riba bar is one of the perfect places in Leblon to practice the art of botecagem. With cold draft beer, real boteco food and delicious drinks, Riba has an address on Rua Dias Ferreira and a beach version, with a kiosk by the sea, which in a few months has already become a point in the neighborhood.

And speaking of a table on the street, Belmonte is one of the most famous bars in Rio. But Leblon's is the most lively. The weather and the snacks will make you miss the hour.

* Price valid for 2 persons. Price for addition guest R$ 50,00

Jumpinbed - Vila onde passa um rio

3 Rooms Max 10 persons


You need to come and live this experience. Waking up to the sound of the waters, having breakfast, putting a batch of cheese bread to bake, going to the first waterfall of the river, lying between the rocks and letting the waters flow for you, go back for another coffee with cheese bread already baked, read a book on the balcony, take a trail on the way back and prepare lunch on the wood stove, then a nap on the balcony hammock. Later, a sauna with a cold shower over the river. At night, wine, hot soup, lighting the fireplace to warm the atmosphere on cold nights and nothing else.

There is an hour's drive from Rio de Janeiro, you arrive at this paradise. Breathing fresh air and river at the door, beautiful waterfalls, a natural water pool, and lots of green.

The site is located in the Environmental Preservation Area of ​​the Atlantic Forest, in Serra dos Órgãos, on the uphill of the Teresópolis mountain range, a few meters from stunning waterfalls, trails, the Serra dos Órgãos National Park and Dedo de Deus.

This is a house to enjoy and enjoy time in nature, in tranquility, in lightness.


It is a very cozy house in the middle of nature. The center of the house, like the home of someone who likes to cook, eat and receive, happens in the connected glass kitchen that has a dining table, where up to 8 people can sit comfortably.

The kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, dishes, cutlery, blender, electric coffee maker, 4-burner stove with oven and wood stove in the outdoor kitchen. In the living room we have a large sofa (very good for sleeping), a fireplace, a futon, wifi inside the room of the house can reach up to 240 Megs.
We don't have a freezer.


TOP SUITE - Glazed, very cozy overlooking the River and the Forest, queen bed, fireplace, desk, large bathroom with shower. Direct exit to the natural water pool and dry sauna with shower with direct water from the river.

LOW SUITE - Very cozy, queen bed, fireplace, complete bathroom with whirlpool for 2 people. Direct exit to the natural water pool and dry sauna with shower with direct water from the river.

SOLARIUM, with sun lounger, equipped barbecue and round dining table for 6 people.

Complete external bathroom.

Always more than welcome! And always accompanied. The pool is not fenced, the deck on the front porch of the house also has no protection and the river, as you can see in the photos, has many irregular stones, it is not a suitable environment, so it is important to keep children under supervision.
Inside the house there is cleaning material accessible at the height of a child, medicines and access to the stove, please note.

External parking area for 03 cars.

Attention - Drivers of low vehicles or with maximum capacity, should drive carefully in the final part, approximately 1 km away for the arrival at the site, a stretch of road is of land just after the entrance of Estrada do Garrafão. When heavy rains fall the day before or the same day, the road becomes very rough and requires great care so that it does not damage the vehicles.

For those coming from Rio de Janeiro on the way up the Serra (Rio -Teresópolis) at Km 102 is Casa dos Queijos, which sells everything, and you can eat a good pastry (almost mandatory stop), from here to the entrance to the Garrafão ( location on the road where you enter to go to the site) It is 9.6 km.

Guapimirim Cheese House
Rodovia BR 116 Rio Teresópolis - Km 102, Guapimirim, State of Rio de Janeiro 25948-160, Brazil

Please be advised that due to the location of the site being within a National Park, outside the urban perimeter, there will eventually be a need for the presence of a maintenance professional, who cannot postpone the advisory visit or even repairs, so guests cannot deny access to these professionals who contribute to everything working.

The fauna of the Serra dos Órgãos National Park is quite diverse and rich. The great diversity of habitats, provided by the variation in climate, in the types of soil, geological formations and different vegetation formations explains the high diversity of fauna species in the Serra dos Órgãos National Park.

462 species of birds, 105 of mammals, 102 of amphibians, 81 of reptiles, 6 of fish and more than 500 of invertebrates have already been registered. PARNASO protects 120 species of animals threatened with extinction (considering the state, national and IUCN lists), with 1 terrestrial invertebrate, 2 fish, 16 amphibians, 1 reptile, 72 birds and 28 mammals. Among the endangered animals protected by the park, the muriqui (Brachyteles arachnoides), the largest primate in the Americas, stands out.

* Price valid for 4 persons. Price for addition guest R$ 100,00

Jumpinbed - Copacabana 200m2 penthouse - Lounge with 3 rooms and 02 suites.

2 Rooms Max 4 persons

200m2 apartment on Rua Sá Ferreira, close to the metro, sumptuous building with 24 hour doorman, apartment with internal winter balcony, large lounge with 3 rooms, dining room, 2 suites, 01 with dressing room, bathroom, planned and complete kitchen , laundry, bathroom in the service area. 300 mts from Copacabana Beach, post 6, near Ipanema, tree-lined and residential street, 20 meters from Metro Gal Osório.

✔ Air conditioning in every room

✔ High speed Wi-Fi

✔ Kitchen equipped with refrigerator, stove, microwave and utensils (dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans and others)

✔ Washer and dryer

✔ Comfortable bathroom / shower with automatic heating

✔ Strictly residential building with 24-hour concierge

✔ We provide bed linen and towels, as well as toilet paper and other amenities.

✔ Garage space for 01 car.

Jumpinbed - Leblon Quarto com banheiro privativo e vista do mar.

1 Room Max 2 persons

Quarto com ar condicionado, ventilador de teto e Tv (conexão via Streaming) com banheiro privativo, vista mar, em Flat com piscina ao lado do Shopping Leblon com 4 salas de cinema e praça de alimentação e a melhor livraria do Rio (Travessa), também tem a 50 metros o Rio Design Leblon, muitos restaurantes ao redor, arrumação de segunda a sexta, cozinha compartilhada.


Armário de 2 portas para uso.

Abajour de leitura

Criado mudo com recarregador .

Acesso a cozinha e a varanda.

Outras observações
Horário da Piscina com guardião.
Seg a sex
08AM as 04 PM
Sab até 12 horas
Fora este horário, deve-se solicitar a chave de acesso na recepção.

O bairro do Leblon
Talvez não precisássemos falar que curtir a praia é garantia de descanso e diversão ao mesmo tempo, né? A praia é a porta de entrada do bairro e recebe todos muito bem. Rapidinho você saca a boa vida por ali, saboreando um clássico mate com biscoito Globo.

Pode esticar a canga, fazer esportes, se refrescar na água, experimentar as delícias das barracas à beira-mar. Ficar o dia todo na praia não é nenhum sacrifício, viu? A praia do Leblon é sucesso e preferida de muitos cariocas!

Ah, e não perca o pôr do sol com vista para o Morro Dois Irmãos. É lindo demais e foto obrigatória da viagem. E pra guardar na memória todos os ângulos da orla, vá até o Mirante do Leblon – É no início da Av. Niemeyer sentido Vidigal e São Conrado. Dá pra ver toda a praia de Leblon e Ipanema.

Quem passa pelo posto 11, na beira-mar do Leblon, se depara com os ombrelones azul e branco do Azur. São dois quiosques, um de bebidas e outro de comidas, comandados pelo chef Pedro de Artagão, que tem entre suas casas o Irajá Gastrô. Lá você pode saborear delícias como o arroz de bacalhau, moquecas e petiscos à base de frutos do mar, no melhor estilo carioca. Uma delícia!

Bem no coração do bairro, entre as avenidas Bartolomeu Mitre e Ataulfo de Paiva, fica a Rua Dias Ferreira, uma das queridinhas do Leblon. É só colocar o pé na rua que quem gosta de boa gastronomia já sabe que chegou ao lugar certo. São inúmeros bares e restaurantes, que agradam diferentes tipos de paladar: da alta gastronomia à deliciosa comida de boteco.

Se você estiver passeando pelo bairro, não deixe de tomar um tradicional suco da Bibi Sucos ou vá até o BB Lanches – mega tradicional e adorado pelos cariocas. Fica no coração do Leblon e está sempre aberto de madrugada!

O Bracarense (Braca pros íntimos) é um dos melhores bares luso-brasileiros do Rio. As pedidas: bolinho de feijão, pastel de natas e sanduíche de carne.

Aberto desde 1956, o Jobi é ponto de encontro da galera depois da praia ou na madrugada. As mesinhas na calçada é o local certo dos boêmios de plantão.

O bar Riba é um dos lugares perfeitos do Leblon para praticar a arte da botecagem. Com chopp gelado, a verdadeira comida de boteco e drinks deliciosos, o Riba tem um endereço na Rua Dias Ferreira e uma versão de praia, com quiosque à beira-mar, que em poucos meses já virou point do bairro.

E por falar em mesa na rua, o Belmonte é um dos bares mais famosos do Rio. Mas o do Leblon é o mais animado. O clima e os petiscos vão fazer você perder a hora.

* Price valid for 1 person. Price for addition guest R$ 30,00

Rio de janeiro, Copacabana Ocean view

1 Room Max 4 persons

Apartamento iluminado e confortável para 4 pessoas com linda vista da praia de Copacabana. Quarto com cama de casal e sofá cama na sala para 2 pessoas. Banheiro social + banheiro de serviço. TV a cabo + internet com WIFI.

Portaria 24 horas. Transporte público a poucos metros. Bares, restaurantes , bancos, farmácia e supermercado nas proximidades do apartamento.

* Price valid for 3 persons. Price for addition guest R$ 25,24